Dinner @ Dishoom, Kensington

Having a Sri Lankan boyfriend I have experienced some amazing curries over the past years, so when I heard about Dishoom I just had to see what it was all about: and it did not disappoint!

This is actually the second time I have braved the super long waiting times and found myself at a table, but having recently become vegetarian I have opened myself up to way more foods than I have ever eaten before (now forcing myself to not just pick the chicken dish everywhere I go!!!) so I wanted to give it a second shot.

We had been at a drinks party to celebrate the new opening of Mahiki In Kensington and on our way back to the station noticed a queue-less Dishoom down one a side road! (I’ve only seen the Covent Garden one where the queue snakes half way down the road!). Could this be too good to be true? We had to try!

Well yes, it was. There was in fact a 45/50 min waiting time, however this restaurant was much larger and therefore had a bar area to wait inside. Ah.

We braved the wait (even though it was already 8:45pm) and grabbed a drink. To our excitement, our buzzer started shouting only after 15 minutes - score!!!

Now with it being 9pm and with all of us not having eaten since lunch, we went IN on the menu... probably overboard some may say. But hey, there were SO many amazing things on the menu, we couldn’t choose!

Between 3 (2 large men and me!) we had:

Pau bhaji

Veg samosa

Okra fries

Gunpowder potatoes

Spicy lamb chops (meat)

House Black daal (amazing)

Mattar paneer

Chicken ruby (meat)


Garlic naan x3 (amazing)

Steamed basmati rice

And that was PLENTY! (Also great price as all that + beer came to £35pp)

Out of the 2 restaurants I have visited I definitely recommend Kensington. The vibe was amazing; they had a 5 piece live jazz band playing and the decor was outstanding - think 1920’s Bombay! I will definitely be returning!