Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet @ Backyard Cinema

I'm constantly sending invites for weird events to my friends and boyfriend and although most get shot down pretty quick with "yeah eating dinner with Dippy the Dinosaur in the Natural History museum as an after party for the Brits sounds cool.... but I'm not sure about £500 per ticket" some slightly cheaper and easier offers get snapped up quickly!

One of these was the Backyard Cinema showing of Baz Luhrmann's Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet (which ever since I watched 100 times during media studies at school has been one of my favourite films!). The showing was held in St Mary's Church in Bryanston Square just off Baker St which had been decorated amazingly in the style of the movie. It was the most beautiful setting and if you've seen the film you will understand how on point the decor was!!

Pre-film there were snack and drink bars set up in the basement where you could stock up on goodies for the film (proudly not me as I'm sticking to my super healthy diet ... not).

There were 3 choices of tickets available: stalls 1, stalls 2 and balcony, all of which were open seating in that area, so it was first come first serve. I chose Stalls 1 which were deck chairs at the front half of the room (best seats!) and after forcing Jasper to hover by the doors for 20mins before our seating time, we got aisle seats with an amazing view! Score!

Before the film the fabulous 'Some Voices' choir sang a selection of songs from the film, which id like to specially mention were Oustanding! I love the songs anyways but hearing this beautifully talented choir sing them was another level!


Overall this was an amazing night that even Jasper enjoyed (and he doesn't really even like the film!) so I'm definitely going to be following Backyard Cinema for their other events!

Over the past few weeks they have been showing a collection of Quentin Tarantino films which I'm so annoyed I missed!