Magical Lantern Festival @ Chiswick House & Gardens

I've never really looked into any of the festivities surrounding Chinese New Year, however this year I've seen so many amazing events being held around London and Pip had been asking me for weeks to go to the Magic Lantern Festival, so I thought I'd tag along.

We trekked it out to Turnham Green (which is a trek if you work in Moorgate) and walked down to Chiswick House and Gardens.

From here you follow a trail through the stunning grounds to see the amazing light displays. The theme is "Explore the Silk Road" so the scenes represent and highlight this significant route of trade and culture from Europe to Ancient China and range from a single cactus to huge Chinese temples with horse and carriages!! (Also flying "Asparagus" in Pip's mind ... which was actually "Apsaras"!!)

The whole trail takes about an hour so make sure to wrap up warm! Entry is only £12.50 after 8pm so it's definitely a cool thing to check out after work. There's also a small "entertainment area" at the end with food and drinks stalls. Unfortunately we were both feeling really ill so not even a mulled wine or hot chocolate could tempt us to hang around longer.

Make sure to charge your phone as the displays are amazing and if you're anything like me you will want to photo EVERY one!!

Tickets are available to buy on ticketmaster, time out and eventbrite!