Christmas wreath making @ Welwyn Florist

So I'm not sure about anyone else, but I've been excited for Christmas since the start of November (shoot me). Especially as my mum bought me a "Christmas Wreath Making Course" gift card for my birthday back in October - the best sort of present as I always forget about them and then it's like getting the gift all over again when the day arrives! 

We headed down to the Welwyn Florest in Welwyn Village; which is the most gorgeous local boutique shop selling not only an amazing selection of flowers but gifts, cards and even local artwork - all at very reasonable prices. We were working in a group of six with both owners Wendy and Mark guiding us through the process (obviously making it look effortless!).

We each started with what was essentially compressed balls of garden moss wrapped around a metal ring (moss is great for retaining moisture in order to keep the plants alive and looking fresh over the Christmas period). From there, using floristry wire we started wrapping blue pine, holly and ivy till we had covered all the moss. Using this as our base, we had a huge selection of extras to use to decorate: 

-pine cones

-dried orange and lime 

-tied cinnamon sticks


-gold sprayed twigs

-wooden hearts

(but obviously there is a huge amount of things you can add in; let your imagination run wild!)

The last step was tying a ribbon for the top before adding the grand finale - fairy lights!!  

Overal it was much harder then it looked (as these things always are) however I was really pleased with how mine turned out and it was amazing to see how each wreath turned out so different and unique! The atmosphere of the evening was great fun and very friendly; I would definitely recommend for anyone looking to try their hand at some home made Christmas decorations. It's also a great base to expand on for different occasions such as an Easter or Valentine's Day wreath!

Check out their website or facebook page to sign up to any of their events and courses: